Gametime - Let The Games Begin CD/EP

I went to see Yellowcard at the outhouse last weekend and didnt even know this band was playing until i got there, and i missed them! But while handing out Home Grown stickers i got to meet the guys in the band and they are some of the nicest guys I've ever met. So they hooked me up with thier cd and the second i got home I popped it in my cd player. The first track is awesome, upbeat, happy, and fun to listen to as is the rest of the cd. Its got the bubble gum punk lyrics of bands like Allister and Screaching Weasel with a hint of Green Day. So if you are ready to jump around, have a good time ,and rock your socks off i reccomend you check these guys out! They will be playing this years Warped Tour. Its Game Time straight outta Kansas City motha trucka!!!