I am not saying this because My New Life just happens to be one of my favorite bands but this is one of the best cd`s I have gotten in a long long time.

The whole cd is very well constructed and laid out. The cd features 12 tracks, most songs I had heard many times played live so those were nothing new but then there were a couple new ones added in there, and let me say, fantastic! The cd begins with one of my favorite songs, 01.05.01 (note to everyone: do not listen to this song when you may be in an "emo" mood. you will cry) Out of the whole cd 01.05.01, Loser, and Punched are my favorite songs. But 01.05.01 is such a well thought out song with creative lyrics and music to back that up. A song that I had not heard before, "Feel the Burn," was such a suprise. It begins with a different tone then the rest of the cd, which was a pleasent change of pace. Another song I thouroughly enjoyed was "Again" which bassist, Brandon, sings. It`s always good when a band uses diversity to change things up a bit. (Another song I dont recommend listening to while "emo" tears may start flowin) Brandon delivers strong vocals such a sweet song. The CD closes with "Broken Heart in Hand" and I think it is safe to say that singer, Tim, out did himself when writing that song. He uses cleaver lyrics to describe his feelings, the whole song leaves you with an awe of admiration for such a talented song writer.

Overall I think if you enjoy this style of music, this is definatly a cd worth your ten hard earned dollars. GO BUY IT!