Morning Calling - Too Bad, So Sad e.p.
October, 2002

I got this demo at a Tsunami Bomb show in San Jose for $1. (Iím assuming) it was one of the band members that came up to my friend and I and asked if we wanted to buy a demo for $1. I said sure, but my friend gave him a run for his money and made him explain to us why we should buy his demo. In a modest way, he said that we should buy it because it was really good and he was convincing, so we bought it. Let me tell ya, that it was very worth the 100 cents that I put out for the four songs. Although It has sort of a mellow, alternative almost sound. Itís sort of reminds me of some Dashboard Confessional songs. Iíd defiantly want to go to one of their shows sometime, although I donít believe they have a websiteÖ So I would recommend you going out and getting this demo or maybe waiting until their full length CD comes out if thatís what theyíre planning to do.