The Transplants – self-titled

Ok, I bought this CD only from listening to one track: “Tall Cans in the Air.” I decided to go out and get that shit risking spending around $15 on a CD that I wouldn’t like. But hey, any band with Tim Armstrong and Travis Barker has gotta be somewhat good, right? So I pop that shit in and the first track is like this angry/hardcore kinda stuff which I didn’t like as much, but I stuck with it cuz I can listen to just about anything. I listened to the whole thing and then wanted to listen to it again. That was a good sign. So I listened to it and by the end of the day, I had a good feeling for the record. There’s a huge variety of the songs throughout the album, from a punk ballad to a lost friend (“Sad but True”) to “We trusted you” about a failed friendships, I think everyone can find something to relate to with it. I’ve only gotten a couple of people I’ve talked to about this record that haven’t liked it at all. A lot of people have easily dismised this band just because they heard they had some hip-hop influence. I hate it when people do something like that just because they don't like a certain type of music. that's why it's influenced not are. For anyone who does that, just think, you could be missing out on a huge variety of good bands, don't you think it's boring just to listen to ONE or TWO genres of music? open your minds! ok, that's my rant for today. i can't possibly convey how much i like this album. As for me, two thumbs up, baby!!