The Muckruckers Debut album

Itís really awesome to see how much the Muckruckers have grown in just over three years. Once again, their new line up proves they can work well with just about any circumstances. Nick, (formerly drummer) shows he has just as much talent playing the guitar as he did on the drums and his vocals add much to the band. Zach (guitarist) sings much less on this CD than the previous ones, and Doug (bassist) sings main vocals along with Nick. Jon (drummer) has really proved himself and Iím happy to see that they have come together as a band so well. This CD is rather short, but sweet. Itís non-stop rock with maybe a second at the most of pauses between songs which makes it really fun to listen to. The songs are fulfilling, yet also leave you waiting to see what next they will come up with next. This CD brings back the vibe of their 1st CD, which is classic catchy rock and roll, but is more mature and complex and their growth is obvious with the help of Big Ry (Solemite) who produced the album. I give this CD 4 out of 5 stars.

I wanted to contribute my thoughts on the CD so I wrote a review as well. Rainy Days in the Sunshine State opens this wonderful collection of 10 tracks (and one secret track) of new wave punk rock with a tinge of pop drizzled about the album. We are introduced to Nick, who was formerly the Drummer of the old Muckruckers, turned lead singer. Nicks vocals are incredible on this album, Rainy Days lets us hear how strong his voice is and with what passion he sings with. The band is made up of 4 incredibly talented members, Doug on bass and lead vocals, Nick on lead vocals and guitar, John on drums and he gets to scream, and Zach on guitar and vocals as well. What stuck out in my mind upon hearing this record for the first time was how delightful it is to hear songs with different members on lead vocals. Sometimes with one lead singer, the voice can be repetitive here we get a healthy mix of three of the four members voices and their diverse vocal abilities. Not only are the vocals perfected on this album but you are rocked by the amazing talent each one of these boys has while playing their instrument. I was completely rocked by track four, Dressed to Kill. The song opens with a catchy bass solo, Doug is one of the best bass players I have ever heard, the way he plays leave in awe. My girlfriends a clone is another song where we hear the wonderful dynamic this band has built with Nick and Doug sharing lead vocals. The way the two voices are set up is great, they work so well together, the song would not be the same without it. Almost every song has a solo of some sort, mostly guitar. Nick has a talent for guitar, I am glad he found his way. Zach and Nick`s guitar styles mesh very well together. My favorite song on the album is one Zach sings called "This Year." Although, I must admit, my least favorite part of the whole CD is the backup vocals on this song, which are contributed by someone outside the band, I think they are just too whiny for the preexisting sound of the band. They stick out too much from the band members voices, but nonetheless this song is so completely awesome you quickly forget and are rocked by the wonderful group vocal solos and what the song says is amazing. The lyrical content of the CD is outstanding as well. The band has moved from Osama Bin Laden and Being a Loser to more material of substance. After LACB was written there was a declaration of "no more love songs" and then they broke down and "Out of my League" was born. One of my favorite lines on the album is, "I promised myself no more songs about a broken heart, but now I`m broken down so here we are." I`m glad this promise was broken because this song is amazing. "My Girlfriends a Clone" has such a Hives feel to the song, I was surprised, but it works so well with the rest of the CD, I love it. I always wondered what the inspiration for this song was, its silly but definitely one that will be stuck in your head and one you will rock out to at a show. "Sick and Tired" is a great wake up call song that Doug sings, with brutal lyrics and immense passion given by Doug leaves you wanting to sing it all the time. The secret track is a live recording of LACB which was previously released with the "old" Muckruckers on "Break the Microwave." The lyrics are altered a bit but it was good to hear it with the new band members and done with such energy and spunk.
Overall I am just left with a few last things to say about the release. Regardless of the fact that they are a "new" band, I still think they have come a long way and have grown into the abilities of themselves. Each release for the band has gotten better and better and now, with a change in members, ideas, and path they have been going down I think they are unstoppable. With a packed crowd to witness the release of this album and a strong following, there is no telling where they will go and how many venues and people they will rock. It was about time to stop hearing about what punk is and hear about what life is and other things that a generation such as ours can relate to. The CD is nothing compared to the live show so if you have not had a chance to witness the wrath of the Muck then I suggest you do so before you have to empty your pockets to do so. The album is incredible and worth your hard earned money. Ordering information is available on
Jen aka "xMarilyNx"