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Age: 17
Location: MV, CA
Instant Message: dominatedGDslave
Favorite Bands:
1. green day
2. rancid
3. Sublime
4. pinhead gunpowder
5. Bob Marley
Favorite Food: togos #24 and crepes from Crepe Express, thai, food man...
Favorite Movie: y tu mama tambien, The Sandlot, breakfast at tiffany's
Quote: "we make millions writing books on where we should have been"


Age: 19
Location: Mountain View, CA
Instant Message: Allelsefailshxc
Favorite Bands:
1. This Day Forward
2. Underoath
3. Hopesfall
4. The Hope Conspiracy
5. A Static Lullaby
Favorite Food: S'more Poptarts
Favorite Movie: Billy Madison
Quote: "hah"

Buck Longly

Age: 21
Location: Oakland, CA
Favorite Bands:
1. Lynard Skinnard
2. Journey
3. Black Flag
4. Fine Young Cannibals
5. Wesley Willis
Favorite Food: Chicken Nuggets
Favorite Movie: Fast Times At Ridgemont High
Quote: "rock music"


Age: 19
Location: SC
Instant Message: heylushxhavefun
Favorite Bands:
1. Taking Back Sunday
2. Against Me!
3. and
4. many
5. more
Favorite Food: Saturn Vegan Nachitos
Favorite Movie: any marilyn movie
Quote: "Life is short, baby, it betrays us as we betray eachother"