TheLocalZine: Who is everyone, how old are they, and what do they jam with?
Fate Thirteen: Sam, 19, bass. Josh, 24, guitar. Jason, 21, vocals, and Zach, 21, vocals.

TheLocalZine: How long have you been together? How did you become a band?
Sam: i joined the band almost a year ago. so did jesse. before that i think it was like 2 years.
Zach: we became a band when josh and jason answered an ad that our old bassist, drummer and i put in a local music store.

TheLocalZine: How did you think up the name, Fate Thirteen? Why Thirteen, fourteen not good enough?
Sam: truthfully and thankfully i dont know. jason made it up i think. we should have called jaysin tang and the tang ticklers
Jason: naw, we are a rockabilly band so we decided that if we had thirteen in the name we could use cool spades and stuff like that for logos. so yeah fourteen just wouldnt make any sense at all.

TheLocalZine: What can listeners expect from your CD?
Sam: a rocktacular blend of moshtastically moshable metal. with one clean part, im terribly sorry.
Josh: swedish infuenced metalcore
Jason: moshalicious/fastacular/tang ticklers
Zach: rocking, moshing metalcore.

TheLocalZine: Who are some of your influences?
Sam: everyone in the band listens to lots of different stuff. i know one influence that's not prevelant enough, pantera.
Josh: at the gates, bleeding through, the haunted
Jason: jim dandy... axl rose... sebastain bauch... peter north... and the indian in "the neighbor"
Zach: slayer.

TheLocalZine: Any bands you dislike? Wanna spill?
Sam: oh yeah sure there is one. but they are big enough crybabies as it is. i don't wanna here them bitch anymore.
Jason: there is but ive been sworn to secretcey
Zach: i love everyone.

TheLocalZine: If you could play with any band(s) past or present, who would it/they be?
Sam: hmmm. ummm. pantera. lionel ritchie. steely dan. chumbawumba. tom petty and the heartbreakers cause we are heartbreakers just like tom, apologies to all those 14 year olds out there.
Josh: at the gates, metalica, converge, coalesce
Jason: metallica, turmoil, harvest, buried alive, killswitch engage and at the gates
Zach: slayer, in flames, black sabbath, countervail, motley crue and ac/dc.

TheLocalZine: Whats the best show you`ve played?
Sam: december 20th, holiday showcase at the showcase theater in corona. so many kids. two pits. and to much core for one room. it was awesomemondo.
Josh: probably when we played at gilman with 18v, throwdown, martyr ad and bleeding through
Jason: our last show with himsa at jim dandys... the salinas scene is awesome!
Zach: december 20 of last year @ the showcase theatre in corona, ca.

TheLocalZine: Worst?
Sam: for me when we played the pound w/ dead to fall cause i was having a lot of problems w/ my rig.
Josh: too many to list
Jason: i dont have a worst actually.
Zach: we played this house show once in salinas and while kids were moshing, they kept running into my guitar and knocking me out of tune. then, we had to play a really fast set and it just sucked. i was pissed.

TheLocalZine: If you could hump any celebrity who would it be?
Sam: faye dunaway in bonnie and clyde. man i hope warren beatty humped the hell out of her on set. other than that im all about average girls.
Josh: cristina aguilera, jenna jemeson, or briana banks
Jason: alyssa malono... hottest women alive!
Zach: the olsen twins; at the same time.

TheLocalZine: TheLocalZine: Now I think is an approite time to embarrass my dear friend Zach. So Zach, tell us all about this little obsession you have with butts. What is so appealing about them?
Zach: lol. well, it sticks out there so it's definitely noticeable, and there's so much stuff you can with it... you can feel it, pinch it, rub it, smack it, hump it, kiss it..yeah, it's something that you can grab onto and it's just fun. there, i sound stupid now. <3

TheLocalZine: Of all the venues I`ve been to and gone to the bathroom at I get this funny vibe from the Jim Dandy`s bathroom, you wouldn`t happen to know why that is, would you Zach?
Sam: i'll field this one. i think it's because there is a window that is always open and it feels like someone is lurking in at all times. it's probably crazy phill. or the guy who lives under jim dandy's in the basement. ive seen some creepy shit go on at that place.
Zach: yeah, i've had sex in that bathroom. you should try it sometime.

TheLocalZine: If you had to choose between the Golden Girls and Designing Women who would it be?
Sam: ewww. niether. i pick the family guy. although i bet blanche in her hey day could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.
Jason: id pick the golden lesbians over the designing transvestites anyday of the week.
Zach: damn, this is a hard question, but i'd have to go w/ golden girls. i'm in love w/ sophia and would marry her if i could. she's the best.

TheLocalZine: Favorite Golden Girl?
Sam: the bitchy old mom. seriously though zach watches stupid shows.
Jason: the slutty one
Zach: ahem...sophia. duh.

TheLocalZine: Ok, so what are some necessities you must bring on tour?
Sam: music. toothbrush. deoderant. socks and underwear. c celly cell. and the wreckinballxxx.
Josh: clothes, cds, deoderent, and a pillow and sleeping bag
Jason: the haunted, at the gates, dr dre... pretty much cds thats all that really matters
Zach: all my toiletries, some quality mags, cd's, condoms, clothes and YOGURT.

TheLocalZine: Do you beleive exfoliation is important?
Sam: oh most definitely. nothin better than havin pretty skin for the tricks.
Jason: ive never done it before in my life
Zach: most definitely. i exfoliate every three days. gotta look good for the bitches.

TheLocalZine: How do you feel about the music scene, is there anything you would change about it?
Sam: right now i think it's pretty fun. i mean i have fun. and that's all that matters. sure stuff could change but there are more important things to change around us than a "scene".
Josh: i am really happy with the scene right now shows are getting bigger and more and more people are getting into it. i just wish some people would be a little more open minded.
Jason: id like it to be more accepting to different type of kids... give me some love!!!
Zach: i love how the salinas scene is growing. i am definitely excited to see new bands popping up in our area and always love seeing new faces at shows.

TheLocalZine: Do you think that the scene has taken a backseat to fashion, if so, how do you feel about that?
Sam: not overall. some kids definitely let it take over but whatever, they come pay and usually stay in the back or outside doin their hair so it doesnt matter. it's more annoying the kids who come and bitch about those kids. who cares.
Josh: a little in a few places. i dont have a problem with people dressing different but i think it is pretty stupid for people to like or dislike people based on fasion.
Jason: i dont think it should matter at all.
Zach: the music is what counts. what people want to wear is what people want to wear. i wear what i like and that's what matters.

TheLocalZine: Whats in yo cd playa right now?
Sam: movielife. killswitch. bhbs. dr. dre. coldplay. disembodied. and of course my band.
Josh: blood has been shed "spirals", the new himsa, the new lamb of god
Jason: dr dre: chronic 2001
Zach: as i lay dying - frail words collapse, black dahlia murder - unhallowed, the agony scene, the new himsa.

TheLocalZine: Whats the last cd you bought?
Jason: blood has been shed:spirals
Zach: black dahlia murder

TheLocalZine: How would you describe your live show?
Josh: we just like to stick to our guns and rock out the best we can brother
Jason: energetic, homosexual, hardcore
Zach: lots of jumping, running around and guitar swinging.

TheLocalZine: Anything else you would like to add?
Josh: check out our new demo. just email one of us to get one.
Jason: straight edge is radtacular!!
Zach: thanks to jen for doing this interview. she rules.

TheLocalZine: Any bands you want to plug that you don`t think get enough reconigition?
Sam: check out judyth. breakneck. somber's end. final burden. samarah. bound in blood. and the sickest band in the land sick brah.
Josh: every time i die "hot damn"
Jason: judyth, somber's end, breakneck, far from surrender (all salinas local bands)and taste of blood
Zach: judyth, the darvon complex and all the new salinas bands: breakneck, somber's end and far from surrender.

TheLocalZine: Last and most important question, who is the pimpest muthafucka of all time?
Sam: snoop d o double gizzle fo shizzle
Josh: snoop dogg for shizzy
Jason: andy fn williams
Zach: david hasselhoff?

Pictures and logo courtesy of Zach of Fate Thirteen

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Sam`s responses were also contributed to by Rodney, the F13 "moshtech." TheLocalZine would like to thank Fate Thirteen for doing this interview and helping out with others.