Ok so first I want to introduce you all to a really awesome band called Gametime, from Kansas City, Missouri. You might have seen them at Warped tour, but if you haven`t yet, I strongly recommend seeing them sometime soon!

TheLocalZine: Who is everyone, how old are they, and what do they jam with?
Drew (the nonexistant band member/merch guy):
My name is Drew, I am 12 years old, and I jam with duct tape, a sharpie, and a wad of cash.
Nick: My name is Nick Pick, I am 13 and a half, and I jam with my insanly large ampeg bass rack.
Kyle D: My name is Kyle D., I am 18 years old, and I jam with my guitar and vocal chords.
Gabe: My name is Gabe Arnyardanimals, I am 18 years old, and I jam with my sticks, drums, and cymbals. The other guy in our band is Kyle K. he plays guitar and his age is unknown.

TheLocalZine: Who are some of your influences?
Drew: The merch guy from MXPX, Blink 182, and The Slick Shoes.
Nick: I am influnced by screeching weasel, teen idols, green day, and self.
Kyle D: I am totlly influnced by Yellowcard, Rufio, and Eddie Van Halen. (Drew chims in and says Green Day).
Gabe: Led Zepplin, Britney Spears, Blackstreet, and Lauren Hill.
Kyle K: Jawbeaker, Strong Arm, old propaghandi, 7 angels 7 plagues, and apple juice.

TheLocalZine: How did you choose the name, Gametime?
Gametime:Kyle K. had a Georgia Tech hat and it had a GT logo and he liked it so we used the letters to form Gametime. We all hated it at first but then it started to stick. The end.

TheLocalZine: How did y`all become a band?
Gametime: Kyle D. met Kyle K. at a Fat Whreck show and talked. We both were leaving bands and looking to start new ones, shortly after they decided to start practicing. Kyle K. introduced me (Kyle D.) to the other members.

TheLocalZine: How do you like touring?
Drew: I like meeting all my fans, I like signing autographs, I also like whenever the kids are really nice and buy lots of things.
Nick: Touring is like the elevator business, it has its ups and downs.
Kyle D: Touring is an adventure, you really never know what to expect going into it. Especially since we aren`t a big band and we are booking every show on our own and there isn`t a lot of promotion.
Gabe: Because.
Kyle K: I don`t like being sick and thats all I`ve been for this tour.

TheLocalZine: Boxers or briefs?
Drew: Depends.
Nick: Boxers.
Kyle D: Boxers.
Gabe: The best of both worlds. The rest of us think he`s homosexual.
Kyle K: Yes, preferably.

TheLocalZine: What can we expect from your record?
Gametime: We think people can appreciate the harmonies. We spend a lot of time writing guitar parts that we think are fresh and original for pop-punk. Expect lots of homosexuality.

TheLocalZine: Name a band you hate.
Drew: Gametime.
Nick: Gametime.
Kyle D: Gametime.
Gabe: Gametime.
Kyle K: Gametime.

TheLocalZine: What`s the last cd you bought?
Drew: Short music for short people.
Nick: Green Day, Shanagans.
Kyle D: Sum 41, "does this look infected?"
Gabe: Showtunes, the broadway-way.

TheLocalZine: If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be?
Drew: 1-a thousand more wishes.
2-two thousand more wishes
3-unlimited wishes.
Nick: 1-My head is proportinate to my body.
2-Rachel Leigh Cook and I would be wed.
3-That Jen would eat more meat.
Kyle D: 1-Unlimited Mountain Dew
2-No such thing as disease.
3- Jen would eat more meat.

TheLocalZine: Where do you kids see yourself in 5 years?
Gametime: Hopefully touring full time and supporting a solid full length album. Drew the merch guy hopes to be running merch tables for a "really popular band that doesn`t suck."

TheLocalZine: If you could hump any famous person, who would it be?
Drew: Instead of hump I would like to kiss Nick (keep your fingers crossed.)
Nick: What is the hump?
Kyle D: Rachel Leigh Cook and then Andrew WK.

TheLocalZine: How do you feel about orange juice?
Drew: I think that orange juice is very under-rated, the citrus-ey goodness makes me giddy like a school girl.... But I`m more of a milk man.
Nick: Low pulp, no acid, tropicana.
Kyle D: Orange juice gives me diarrhea.

TheLocalZine: If you could play with any band(s) past of present who would it/they be?
Drew: Omega.
Nick: Andrew WK and Omega.
Kyle D: Green Day and Omega.

TheLocalZine: When do you plan on coming back here?
Gametime: May we will be touring here on our own, and then again mid summer for Warped Tour.

TheLocalZine: How did ya like playin Warped?
Drew: It went by so fast it was almost like I wasn`t even there.
Nick: The exposure was really good and we met a lot of really cool kids.
Kyle D. It was the coolest thing I have ever done, it was dreams coming true. I was suprised with a lot of the bands because it didn`t seem as though they appreciated it as much as they should have but I can understand because after playing the same kind of music for maybe even decads, I can understand how it can be a little tiring, and I see why people get burnt out.

TheLocalZine: What can your fans expect from a Gametime show?
Drew: The best possible merch sales possible, the kindest, gentle-est, most good looking-est, merch, which sands for merchandise salesman OF ALL TIME!
Nick: A varity of onstage antics, "a plethera of perplexing pigmas." Also, other moronic acts of ludicracy.
Kyle D. Cover songs because we can`t play our own songs.

TheLocalZine: What was the best show you have played to date? Why?
Gametime: Yellowcard, Slickshoes, and Dumbstruck. It was our homecoming show from our first full blown tour and the show was sold out and all our friends were there. Nick had a neck beard for all of tour and he shaved it that night. Anyways, the kids went insane for us and it was overwhelming and very surreal. It was everything we wanted to accomplish in our local scene.

TheLocalZine: Worst? Why?
Gametime: Our worst show was our old bass player`s last show. We tried to play the Decline by NOFX and messed it up in the middle, the show was horrible. We looked really bad.

TheLocalZine: Ok, now for the last and most important question. Who is the pimpest muthafucka of all time?
Drew: Santa Claus.
Nick: Rachel Leigh Cook.
Kyle D. Andrew WK.


Check them out at www.GametimeMusic.com
||All pictures taken by Danny Bailey at Warped Tour SF||