LocalZine: How did you come up with the name, Audiocrush?
Audiocrush: It was catching and it was one of those sayings that just stuck . It means allot though to us because we all do have an obsession with music .

LocalZine: Have any of you ever been in other bands? Which ones?
Joe Clements(Fury 66)
Rich McDermott (Good Riddance)
Jen Roye (Emergency Prom)
Troy Cope (Summerset)

LocalZine: What’s spinnin in yer cd player right now?
Joe Clements(Pop Unknown)
Jen Roye (Smashing Pumpkins, The Greatest Hits)

LocalZine: What are 5 bands you dislike?
Audiocrush: Korn , John Tesh orchestra , Limp Bizkit , thats a hard question we'll get back with ya

LocalZine: What’s the hippest show you ever played?
Audiocrush: Last Thursday at the House of Blues , Las Vegas with Social Distortion .

LocalZine: After a show, what can you be found doing?
Audiocrush: Troy (looking for drinx , and chicks) , Joe (complaining about aches and pains , wants to eat) , Rich (packs up and leaves) , Jen (sells merch , looks for equipment and keys )

LocalZine: What kind and what color of underwear are you wearing right now?
Joe C ( maroon boxers GAP)
Jen R ( Blue thong Victoria Secret)
Rich (Leopard skin hide boxers)
Troy (None , likes to go commando)

LocalZine: What can we expect from your new release coming up?

LocalZine: Any guilty pleasures?
Audiocrush: Ummmm , yes .

LocalZine: Are there any not recognized bands you can suggest to me or the readers?
Jetlag , Lonely Kings , Here Kitty Kittty , Fire Sermon , these are all fantastic local numbers .

LocalZine: Who would you love to play with (dead or alive) and why?
Jen R - Smashing Pumpkins , I think theyr'e geniuses. Joe C- Grateful Dead

LocalZine: And the most important question of them all….
Who’s the pimpest mofo in all the land ?
Audiocrush: Our friend Rajy Man Das(Ray ELliott) ..

Visit the Audiocrush website at Audiocrush.com

*Interviewed by Mel-o-dy