LocalZine: Who's in the band, how old is everyone, and what does everyone play?
Mo: peter is 17 and he's on guitar, david is 18 on bass, chris is 18 on drums and percussions, hayden is 18 on guitar, and mo is 20 on vocals and keys

LocalZineHow did you guys meet and when did you start?
M0: peter, david, hayden, and chris were all in a pop punk band for awhile but they started listening to at the drive and more complex music and they decided to look for a new singer to compliment their new style and hayden called me up and i jammed with them and it just grew

LocalZine: How did you come up with your name?
Mo: my friend lance and i were in a hardcore band awhile ago and we were playing with words and he thought of blueprint car crash right when i was describing a theory i would want behind a name but that band didnt work out and i mentioned that name to the guys in this band and they like it

LocalZine: Who are your biggest influences?
Mo: probably at the drive in and jimmy eat world

LocalZine: What is your opinion on the local scene lately?
Mo: i love the fact that you can find the sound of local bands on the radio and i think people in the mainstream are looking for a more creative sound so people that listen to radiohead and the gorrilaz can find bands that are as ambuient in the underground scene because its so thriving right now

LocalZine: What is the best/worst show you've played?
Mo: mine would be once with a three peice emo band of mind called aurora where in the middle of our first song my amp blew out......a loud thud came from my amp followed by complete silence from my guitar and i was pissed....i love crate amp distortion but they sure do make a crappy amp..... then on the second song the other singer wasnt singing and i took over and the third song came and he didnt sing again so i just stopped the band went off the stage....the guy was just being a rockstar...........

LocalZine: If you could play with any band, past or present, who would it be?
Mo: definitly aerosmith cause they're the band that got me into playin guitar and they would be playin to sold out arenas and i would love that, or have a guitar off with slash cause i think he's insane and i could give him some competition........but for the present it would be with jimmy eat world cause they are my fav. band

LocalZine: Who gets the most ass in the band?
Mo: probably our drummer chris cause him and his girlfriend are like fruit flies

LocalZine: What should we expect from you guys this year, any new albums?
Mo: for sure a debut full length that would really showcase the creativity of the band...with every new song we write the more we're finding a point beyond i preconsieved limits and boundaries about our music .......but we need a label to do that which is what we're shootin for..........

LocalZine: Who would win in a fight, Saves the Day or New Found Glory?
Mo: i say new found glory cause it seems they have a size, weight, and age advantage over saves the day.......especially since the lead singer of saves is a little guy........

LocalZine: And last but not least...who is the pimpest mother fucker in all the land?
Mo: i would say shawn of oxsouthboundxo.........i'm guessin thats suppose to be a kissing ass question........if not then it would be hue heffner....the guy is like 100 but he's gettin more poontag then me and my band will ever get.....

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*Interviewed by PRS