Localzine: Who is everyone, how old are they, and what do they jam with?
Desa: Joey, 22, dirty drums and Henessey Barry, 23, bass and hypochondria Adam, 25, guitar and height Ryan, 23, microphone and afro Aaron, 22, guitar and paranoia

Localzine: Who are some of your influences?
Aaron: anybody and anybody. really. everybody's got really different tastes in music and different styles of playing. we feed off our individual influences, then we feed off eachother.
Barry: Same

Localzine: Whats the best show you`ve played?
Aaron: I think that may be different for everybody. We've played 17 shows so far and they've all been pretty decent. I would say for myself, either the Nile in Az., or House of Blues with Rx Bandits.
Barry: It's a tie between the house of Blues in Anahiem, CA w/ rx bandits and in the back of some music shop in San Mateo, CA w/ Locals.

Localzine: Whats the worst show you`ve played?
Aaron: umm, probably the Chain Reaction...the sound guy pulled the plug on us cause he thought we went over our set time. it was pretty insulting. I hate him. we usually have such a great time at that place and it really killed the mood for the evening. I hate him.
Barry: The Chain Reaction show.

Localzine: How is the music of Desa is different from that of Link 80?
Aaron: Well, the musicians are the same with the exception of Steve who went along to join the Rx Bandits. There are no horns and two guitars, and no ska as of yet. I would say it's a bit more rock, maybe a bit more metal, still punk rock...but not the fast boda bodap bododap bodap bododap kind
Barry: No ska.

Localzine: What was the transition like from going from a band link Link 80 to Desa?
Aaron: It was pretty easy in my opinion. It was real refreshing to go from a band that was so established to a brand new thing. There are no expectations at all which means very little disapointment. If nobody shows up to a show, it's not our fault anymore...blame it on the headliner, we're a new band! ha. in one sense it's still very much the same band and we interact and approach the band the same way, we're just going into it with a much more open mind and no reservations.
Barry: It was definately a good experience because we've all gotten better at our instruments with desa.

Localzine: In Link 80`s cd Killing Katie theres a song about the music scene in the east bay which talks about how we need to basically reform it and open up to newcomers into the scene, a very thought provoking song. Do those feelings still hold true for Desa?
Aaron: absolutely. the scene is still very split. there's your all ages shows, your bar shows, your old guy bands, your high school bands. if people would just get over the image part of it I think everybody would be a lot happier.That song was prodominantly about Gilman and how elitest that place can be. Some shows there have gotten better, some worse. It's only one venue, but in represents a pretty large part of the east bay music scene.
Barry: Don't know.

Localzine: Desa is much different then L80, I know that Berkeley/East Bay kids can be very judgemental, how do you think your fans/peers have responded to Desa?
Aaron: We've had a very good response from the people who have been out to shows since we started playing as Desa. there's been lot's of e-mail and message board posting about people complaining and concerned about the future of Link Eighty but this has been mostly from people who aren't able to see what we're doing now.
Barry: same as aaron's answer.

Localzine: Top five necessities you much bring on tour?
Aaron: sketchbook music enough clean socks and boxers to last for at least a month and a half gold bond pillow
Barry: Pillow Sleeping bag Baby wipes Socks /boxers Phone card

Localzine: Last cd you bought?
Aaron: Queens of the Stone Age and Candiria
Barry: RX Bandits- Progress

Localzine: Favorite place to play a show?
Aaron: Tromso Norway, Shibuya Tokyo, Fireside Bowl in Chicago
Barry: Tromso Norway, House of Blues in Anahiem, Fireside Bowl in Chicago

Localzine: If you could play with any band(s) past or present, who would it/they be?
Aaron: jeez, ummmm. The Jackson 5 or Micheal Jackson (circa 1985). The Police. Refused. Queen.
Barry: Bad Religion

Localzine: Favorite food?
Aaron: anything not american with the exception of Japanese.
Barry: Pizza and burritos

Localzine: What color panties are you wearing?
Aaron: i'm fresh out
Barry: red

Localzine: What can we expect from the album?
Aaron: um, a lot of songs. most of which we play live. we're going to try and have around 20 to record, then cut and paste from there.
Barry: Same as Aaron's

Localzine: How would you describe your live show?
Aaron: a little sparatic, a little dangerous on adam's side of the stage, short and fast. we try not to bullshit inbetween songs too much.
Barry: Same as Aarons

Localzine: What can you be found doing after playing live?
Aaron: me? or the band? i go home. joe gets wasted. ryan gets social. barry goes home (before the show even ends i might add) adam gets lovin.
Barry: contrary to aaron I've only left early 3 times and that's because I live an hour and a half away from the east bay.

Localzine: Any guilty pleasures?
Aaron: yes, although I've come to terms with all of them so they're not really guilty anymore. among them: Ridiculous metal bands, books on tape...etc.
Barry: I love Dave Matthews band.

Localzine: Any bands you would like to plug that you don`t think get enough reconigition?
Aaron: Hella, dope band from Sacremento. only 2 dudes. Rx Bandits, from Seal Beach CA. The Locals, pop pop pop pop Dillinger Escape Plan, no matter how much recognition these guys get, it's not enough
Barry: Kings of Today, a really good young punk band from Ripon, CA The Creeps, very good goth punk from Santa Cruz, CA

Localzine: Favorite place to "just hang out"?
Aaron: home, practice.
Barry: at home with My two baby's Mel and Dominic

Localzine: What are your goals for Desa?
Aaron: I'd like to continue to write and record songs. Some good touring would be nice. The ultimate goal would be to make enough money on the band so we didn't have to work day jobs and could devote more time to music.
Barry: Write good music and have fun doing it for a living.

Localzine: Last but more important question of all! Who is the pimpest muthafucka of all time?
Aaron: sean connery
Barry: Hannibal Lector

Check them out at www.desadesadesa.com

Yours Truly,

All pictures courtesy of Desa