//The Last Day of a Dying Breed//
*Interview with Brian Deja from The Last Day of a Dying Breed (Belleville, MI)
LocalZine: Who is in the band and what does everyone play?
Brian: me, Brian Deja - vocals, John Twigg - Vocals, John Desselles - guitar, James Cox - Gutiar, Jason Williams - bass, Ryan Ennett Ė drums

LocalZine: how old is everyone?
Brian: im 16, john t is 17, john d is 17, james is 17, jason is 17, and ryan is 17

LocalZine: How did you come up with the name "The Last Day of a Dying Breed?"
Brian: we were about a week away from our first show and we didnt have a name, we were debating between The Last Day of a Dying Breed and Shattered Dreams, and James pretty much made up his mind and told the guy booking our show that our name was The Last Day of a Dying Breed, and its just stuck from there.

LocalZine: How would you describe the kind of music you play to someone who hasnít heard your band before?
Brian: well were pretty much a hardcore-metal type band, with some tough guy riffs

LocalZine: Who are some of your biggest influences?
Brian: some of my personal influences would have to be Pantera, Slipknot, Fordirelifesake, and Mudvayne. And a lot of local bands.

LocalZine: What is your opinion on the local scene these days?
Brian: i think it was getting huge for a while, but lately its been dying off, and i think we need to get it up and running again

LocalZine: What is the best/worst show you have ever played?
Brian: i think the best show weve played was probably our show with Hatework, there a pretty big "gorecore" band from out here and we opened for them so it was great. Our worst show would prbably have to be our first show, everyone seemed to like us but we played horrible, we messed up on every single song we played.

LocalZine: If you could play with ANY band, past or present, who would it be?
Brian: well i would have to say i wish i could have played a show with a Walls of Jericho, local band from detroit, that got pretty big.

LocalZine: So what should we the people expect from you guys in the near future, any new albums coming out?
Brian: hopefully well be playing alot more shows, and we trying to record a cd here soon, but were looking for a new drummer, because our drummer is moving, so hopefully well find one soon

LocalZine: When did you guys start playing and how did you meet?
Brian: well all of us have been friends for a while, but John Desselles and I were in a nother band that was going now where so we deiced to start a different band which in turn formed this band, we started playing shows in april of 01

LocalZine: Favorite food?
Brian: chicken wings or pizza

LocalZine: Last but not least...Who is the pimpest mother fucker in all the land?
Brian: the pimpest mother fucker of all would have to be Hugh Hefner

LocalZine: Anything else you want to add?
Brian: yeah, if anyone in Michigan the lives near Ann Arbor, that can play drums, and wants to be in a hardcore band to email me at Deja316@aol.com

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