The Ghost

Localzine: Who all is in the band, how old are they, and what do they play?
The Ghost: Brian Moss: 23, guitars, words. Randall Bleichner: 22, rhythm. Paul Lask: 19, guitars. Jordan Schalich: 22, bass guitar.

Localzine: Who are some of your influences?
The Ghost: We all listen to a huge variety of music so all in all there are really too many to list. It's important to us to take in a large and diverese group of influences. It seems that bands and people often try too hard to emmulate one particular band or person when it makes more sense to make an attempt at being yourself and creating something unique.

Localzine: If you could play with any band(s), past or present, who would it be?
The Ghost: I think it would incredibly fun to do a show with The Ol' Dirty Bastard.

Localzine: Have any of you been in other bands previously? If so, which ones
The Ghost: We have all been in various small local bands over the years.

Localzine: When I saw you guys play at Gilman you seemed to have an animosity toward the Bay Area, or just Berkeley. After listeneing to the song "Death by the Bay" I realized that those feelings may be true. How do you feel about the Bay Area?
The Ghost: Well I grew up in the Bay Area so to some extent I have a lot of love for the region. I love my family and friends there dearly. The outdoor and asthetic aspects of Northern California are amazing, however it seems to me that people on the West Coast often behave in a much more indirect and fake then people in the Midwest and East. Californians get spoiled. My contempt for Berkeley and Oakland that was expressed at 924 Gilman St. was directed at all the scensters in the area that murdered all of the good intentions behind punk rock. My words were for the people who run scenes like an elitist jock clique from High School. Those people are everywhere in every city, however the East Bay music scene is monopolized by these people and it's sickening. It's all bullshit cheap talk and glamour. In many other cities people who are young and dedicated to music are more concerned with being positive and helping other people in an open minded manner. Berkeley and Oakland are jaded scenes based around a musical movement that happened and has been over for almost ten years. There are some great bands and people there, but for the most part a lot of the kids who go to punk shows and play in punk bands are conformists who don't even know it.

Localzine: What is the best/worst show you`ve played?
The Ghost: The best show we ever played was a show in my friends basement here in Chicago this past June, a couple Fireside Bowl shows have marked high in the rankings as well. The worst show we played....hmmm maybe this trashy bar in Conneticut, or a show in Athens, me oh my there have been so many bad ones. We've probablly played over fifty shows for less than ten people.

Localzine: How do you feel about touring, is it enjoyable?
The Ghost: It's great, we travel for free and play music every night. Even on a bad day I try to step outside of the situation and realize I am far from home playing music and will be in a different state the following day. It is important to take occasional breaks, for example it feels great to be home in Chicago now. It can be very tiring at times, but all in all we have met some beautiful people, seen some beautiful places and gotten a special type of education.

Localzine: Was the transition from the music scenes in the Bay to Chicago hard or different in any way?
The Ghostt: It's been all positive. I think a lot of it was explained in my response to your Berkeley question. There is simply a whole lot more going on out here. People run shit on a much more down to earth and honest level.

Localzine: Whats in your cd playa right now?
The Ghost: We listened to the Ludacris album over and over on the last tour, and no I'm not joking.

Localzine: Name 5 necissities you must bring on tour?
The Ghost: An ample supply of music to listen to(old cassetes are great), a few good books, vitamins, extra socks and underwear, a slingshot with paintballs.

Localzine: Any guilty pleasures?
The Ghost: Pabst Blue Ribbon and Steely Dan.

Localzine: Whats your favorite food?
The Ghost: The Pad Thai and The Spice which is an excellent restaurant by my house.

Localzine: Boxers or briefs?
The Ghost: Boxers and sometimes nothing during the summer months.

Localzine: What do you think the future of The Ghost will be?
The Ghost: Touring, A split LP' with our friends The Prosperity Wallet coming out on GreyFlight Records this October, more touring, a second full length.

Localzine: What can we expect from the next album?
The Ghost: I'd say early summer time two thousand and three.

Localzine: Do you plan on touring out here again?
The Ghost: Of course, this winter you'll be seeing us.

Localzine: Now for the most important question! Who is the pimpest muthafucka of all time?
The Ghost: Snoop Dog, hands down.

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