LocalZine: Who all is in the band, and how old are y’all
Isaac: Guitar/vox 26
Gene: Bass 20
Logan: Drums 18

LocalZine: Is there a special meaning to the name, happy campers?
Isaac: In anchient hebrew it translates to ...Crappy Band! It basically just means rolling with the punches, things could be better things could be worse so just take live as it comes.

LocalZine: Who are some of your influences/favorite bands?
Isaac: I Like Pennywise, Bad Religion, Green Day, NOFX, NoUse, Sicko, Ten Foot Pole, and lots others. Gene like sublime and Pennywise the most among others. Logan has been listening to a lot of Death By Stereo, and rap.

LocalZine: Have any of you ever been in other bands? Which ones?
Isaac: None of us have ever really been in another band. I've been doing Happy Campers for almost 6 years, Gene started playing with me when he was our roadie, and logan was sorta in another vegas band for like a week but this is pretty much his first band too.

LocalZine: What are 5 bands you dislike?
Isaac: Whoa! I don't really dislike any bands. I have my styles that I like and don't like. But I give it up to anyone in a band, it's not as easy as it may seem. I will say I don't like bands that are more worried about getting signed/big whatever rather than just having fun or just making music. But that's more the personalities of the people than the music which are two very seperate things.

LocalZine: What's the hippest show you ever played?
Isaac: We opened for the Offspring and Unwritten Law one time which was pretty crazy, weve also had big shows with the Vandals and Pennywise just to name a few. But those kids will go crazy for anybody. I would much rather play to a hundred kids that are going crazy cause they like us. That's cooler to me.

LocalZine: After a show, what can you be found doing?
Isaac: I usually sell our merch after were done playing. I like to make sure people buy stuff or I beat them up. JK I like to hang out and talk to whoevers at the show and meet people, or watch the other bands. We usually party too unless we have to drive the next day then we party anyway and hurt in the morning.

LocalZine: What do you think of bands that are on MTV?
Isaac: What bands on MTV? I think they stopped playing bands. All I see is britney spears, and J-Lo. I'd rather look at them anyway. You can always just turn the tv down and put in a punk CD.

LocalZine: Do you have any releases coming up? If so, what can we expect?
Isaac: Sometime this year (probably summer or fall) We plan to put out the next full length. We don't know what label (if any) or where or when. But we have 10 or the 13 songs down that we want to do, and I think it will easily be our best CD. We have our strongest line up we've ever had and everythings looking roses.

LocalZine: What color socks do you have on?
Isaac: White as always. Don't mess with a classic. Gene always has ugly socks on though, but everyone else says there cool maybe I'm just getting old.

LocalZine: Any guilty pleasures?
Isaac: Skittles, Snickers, Reeses Pieces, Milk Duds, etc. although I don't feel that guilty, In fact I look sexier with a pooch. Most punk band guys have a pooch, I'll just get mine from candy rather than excessive drinking.

LocalZine: Who would you love to play with (dead or alive) and why?
Isaac: Nirvana, Green Day, NOFX, and Bad Religion. those are the last of my favorites that I havent got to play with yet.

LocalZine: And the most important question of them all...
Who's the pimpest mofo in all the land?
Isaac: Mr T. Don't front. He's had a mohawk longer than you've been alive.

*Interviewed by Mel-o-dy