LocalZine: Who all is in the band, and how old are y’all?
James Parr: Vocals/guitar 17
Travis Richardson: Guitar/backing vocals 17
Mike Pinochi: Bass/backing vocals 17
Ryan Kochevar: Drums 18

LocalZine: Where’d you get the name, Inverness?
Mike thought of the name. It’s the name of James street in Pacifica.

LocalZine: Have any of you ever been in other bands? Which ones?
Travis was in a New metal band called flatine but they broke up.

LocalZine: What’s spinnin in yer cd player right now?
Travis: Yellowcard, Finch, AFI
Mike: Saves the day, AFI
James: Fenix Tx, foo fighters, sum 41
Ryan: The Movielife, Saves the day, AFI

LocalZine: What are 5 bands you dislike?
Travis: Slipknot, disturbed, crazy town, Linkin Park, Cradle of Fillth, anything goth
Mike :?
James: Disturbed, Incubus, The strokes, Nickelback, Mandy Moore
Ryan :?

LocalZine: What’s the hippest show you ever played?
Inverness: We would all have to agree the battle of the bands at the great american music hall was the best show we ever played.

LocalZine: After a show, what can you be found doing?
Travis,James and Ryan: Eating at jack in the box
Mike:after the show i like to yell at james because of his crappy performance

LocalZine: What kind and what color of underwear are you wearing right now?
Travis: Camo boxers
James: Blue boxers
Mike: Blue boxers
Ryan: a speedo

LocalZine: What can we expect from your new release coming up?
Inverness: An 8 song EP. Hopefully people will like it. Its just us doing what we do best. Play music.

LocalZine: Any guilty pleasures?
Travis: playing in this band j/k!
James: Masterbating everyday, but who doesn’t?

LocalZine: Are there any not recognized bands you can suggest to me or the readers?
Travis: The Jaded Monkeys
James: The Jaded Monkeys
Mike: jim beam and the renegade squirrels is a band i suggest to the readers

LocalZine: Who would you love to play with (dead or alive) and why?
Travis: Green Day, Fenix Tx, Metallica
James: The Pool Men dead because I don’t like playing with them live, just joking.

LocalZine: And the most important question of them all….
Who’s the pimpest mofo in all the land?
Travis: Aymen Trouble from Dexter Danger, he broke my Hymen
James: James Douglas Parr the third
Mike: the pimpest mofo in all the land is this chinese guy named chris leong
Ryan: Wolverine

*Interviewed by Mel-o-dy