TheLocalZine: Who is everyone, how old are they, and what do they play?
Phenomenauts:The Phenomenauts are: Commander Angel Nova, Guitar, 102 semian years old; Major Jimmy Boom, Drums, 88 semian years old; Corp. Joebot, guitar, 13 semian years old; Capt. Chreehos, upright bass, 69, semian years old; Professor Greg Arius, special efx, 92, semian years old.

TheLocalZine: How did you all meet, get together, become a band?

Phenomenauts: The Phenomenauts alpha squadron met as cadets in the Phenomenauts Junior Space Patrol school while preparing for the first of earths many space races to the moon.

TheLocalZine: How did you think of your name?
Phenomenauts: The Phenomenauts name was born from earths "Websters Dictionary" by combining 2 entries. Phenomenon and astronaut.

TheLocalZine: How did you come up with the space theme?
Phenomenauts: Most earth bands had been teaming up with the music overlords who has controlled the ears of most humans on earth. So we looked to the stars for untainted ears and minds to unleash the power of the phenomenauts. The only way to get there was to build a space ship and cruise the galaxy in search of success.

TheLocalZine: Was your live show always this crazy, with the silly string,toilet paper shooter, cymbals on fire? How did it come to be so crazy?
Phenomenauts: We were lucky enough to have teamed up with The Phenomenauts Core of engineers who have invented our phenoma-gadgets. Professor Greg Arius is the head of this deptartment.

TheLocalZine: I find that people normally respond good to the crazy stage antics with awe and laughter, have people ever responded badly or pissed off?
Phenomenauts: We have grown accustomed to the laughter and crowd participation, but we have had some great times with those few earthlings out there that have a hard time having fun. We hope that they don't implode from all that negative energy that surrounds there being....

TheLocalZine: Who are some of your influences?
Phenomenauts: Mostly earth bands like the Kinks, The Stray Cats, Devo, Milli Vanilly, Dokken, and seseme street....

TheLocalZine: If you could play with any band(s) dead or alive who would theybe?
Phenomenauts: Some day we hope to put a show together with: The Beatles, Elvis, Nirvana, Jimmi Hendrix, the Sex Pistols and the Phenomenauts.

TheLocalZine: You guys have come a long way since 80`s cover songs, how do youfeel your music has changed or progressed since the start of the band?
Phenomenauts: Well we havent made any $$$ yet, but we now play our own songs for no $$$ so that is a step in the right direction.....

TheLocalZine: Whats the best show you`ve played live, why?
Phenomenauts: The Best shows are the party's we throw at the Command Center (our HQ) playing infront of our freinds after we lock them in. There we can light anything on fire, throw stuff, and still have cadet orbit (phenomenauts super space dog) on stage.

TheLocalZine: Whats the worst show you`ve played live, why?
Phenomenauts: We once played on mars and the drums went up in flames. Then the amps, then the guitars. luckly we had flame resitant space suits and we left unharmed.

TheLocalZine: Whats in your cd player right now?
Phenomenauts: Spike lee's greatest hits.

TheLocalZine: Who are some of your favorite bands?
Phenomenauts: The Red Elvis's, The Epoxies, The Ventures, Demented are Go.

TheLocalZine: If you could live on any planet which would it be?
Phenomenauts: Earth of coarse. All other planets in this solar system are uninhabitable.

TheLocalZine: Top 5 necessities you must bring on tour?
Phenomenauts: Sony PlayStation 2 , twisted metal Black, Grand Theft Auto 3, CD of Marty Robbins, and the upright bass.

TheLocalZine: How do people respond to the space mobile when you pull into a show or something?
Phenomenauts: They usually say "why didn't you throw all that stuff away like regular folks would do?

TheLocalZine: What are your goals over the next year or so for the band?
Phenomenauts: After touring the Arizona and Oregon systems, we plan to come out with a Phenomenauts handbook/activity book with comic strips.

TheLocalZine: Craziest thing you`ve ever done on stage?
Phenomenauts: This halloween we dressed as the Misfits. but we had to tape these devil locks to our heads.

TheLocalZine: If you had three wishes what would they be?
Phenomenauts: To rid the universe of robotic music, beat Weezer at fooseball, and invent the worlds first floating skate ramp.

TheLocalZine: What is your favorite food?
Phenomenauts: We enjoy astro pops.

TheLocalZine: Happiest place on earth?
Phenomenauts: in our gravity boots.

TheLocalZine: Ok last but most important question..... Who is the pimpestmuthafucka of all time?
Phenomenauts: That would have to be superfly. Or maybe Neptune Ted.


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