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Localzine: Who all is in the band, and how old are y’all?
Street to Nowhere:
Dave (17)vox/guitar, Spenser (18)bass/vox, Stefan (18)drums/back. vox

Localzine: Is there a special meaning behind your name?
Street to Nowhere:
We practice at Stefan's house, and he lives on "Camino Lenada". Loosely translated, that means....STREET TO NOWHERE! en espanol.

Localzine: How do you describe your sound?
Street to Nowhere:
Spense: Northern Califorinian Punk with a lot of harmonies!
Dave: Melodic punk
Stefan: Melody full Punk Rock Emo

Localzine:Who are some of your influences?
Street to Nowhere:
Spense: Dance Hall Crashers, Green Day, the X-Men (though not musical, they stand for all that i'm about...why am i such a nerd?)
Dave: Green Day, Weezer, Nirvana
Stefan: Poison, Bon Jovi, Raven Death Lord Saga Masters

Localzine: What’s spinnin in yer cd player right now?
Street to Nowhere:
Spense: Strung Out "American Paradox", and Reel Big Fish "Cheer Up"
Dave: Saves the Day "Stay what you are", Weezer "Maladroit"
Stefan: Dream Theatre "All", Herbie Hancock "Head Hunters", Franz Liszt "Concerto #2"

Localzine: What’s the hippest show you ever played?
Street to Nowhere:
Spense: Either the one in gilroy or the battle of the bands right outside the Oakland City Hall
Dave: Anything where people come out to see us! Playing with the Lawrence Arms.
Stefan: All Shows

Localzine:So, how come you never play shows in the south bay? heh heh
Street to Nowhere:
Spense: well...um... (makes a mad dash for the door, but the dogs get them first) ::Sobbing in fear:: We don't know! We'll try real hard to get down there ::Sniffle:: we sware!
Dave: Get us a show! we will play anywhere!
Stefan: Well, we don't like going to the South Bay because it is far to dangerous; for the Opus-Master-Death-Warden just might consume our heathen souls.

Localzine: What are your aspirations for this band?
Street to Nowhere:
Spense: To triumph over all that is man!
Dave: To Take it as far as we can while still maintaining a love for the music and the people who listen to it.
Stefan: To keep playing good music for good people while still having fun.

Localzine: What color of underwear are you wearing right now?
Street to Nowhere:
Spense: black
Dave: Is Spenser's sister considered a color?
Stefan: Underwear? what the fuck is that?

Localzine: What can you tell me about your album out?
Street to Nowhere:
Spense: It's the best record that we have ever done...except for that german techno side project we had in the 80's
Dave: It is a 6 song EP that includes material that we wrote in the first few months that we were a band. It has some of my favorite songs that we have played so far (This Impossible, So Long) so if you are interested, come to one of our shows or pick up a copy at
Stefan: We put a lot of work into the EP and it came out great, however, we have been recording lately and we have come up with some really great stuff as well so check it out on

Localzine: Any guilty pleasures?
Street to Nowhere:
Spense: I'm not very guilty about it, but i have a big enough toy collection to have the cool kids call me a dorkus...but when i rule we'll see who the dorkus is...
Dave: Making the baby Jesus cry. Buying new Razors to shave my palms.
Stefan: Combing my big, black, sweaty, flacid, chest hair, and then beating it to a pulp with a spiked mace while still on my chest, and then eating it. Playing classical piano too much.

Localzine:Any lesser known bands you can recomend to me?
Street to Nowhere:
Spense: Green Light Go fuckin rocks!
Dave: Eleventeen
Stefan: licola topuss

Localzine: Who would you love to play with (dead or alive) and why?
Street to Nowhere:
Spense: I would have loved to be the second guitarist in the Jimmi Hendrix Experience, though it's cliche, i would have loved to change the face of rock n roll with that band.
Dave: It would have been so tight to play a stadium show with Kiss....alright i just want an excuse to wear makeup...
Stefan: I would love to be a back up singer or tambourinist for John Tesh. I would love to be the drummer for an 80's hair metal band with a mullet.

Localzine:Any extra info you want to add, or anything you want to tell the readers?
Street to Nowhere:
Spense: When the time comes to choose between eternal salvation with jesus or one wild night with Street to Nowhere, we hope you make the right choice
Dave: for more info on STN and free music!
Stefan: Check out the wesite, you won't regret it.

Localzine:And the most important question of them all…
Who is the pimpest mofo in all the land?

Street to Nowhere:
Spense: Warwick Davis from Willow and the Leprechaun movies, that dude kicks major mystical ass!
Dave: Melody. Thats what im supposed to say right?
Stefan: Jesus Christ of Lader Day Saints. All glory shall be given to the baby Jesus. One.

Interviewed by Mel-o-dy