LocalZine: Who all is in the band, and how old are y’all?
Tsunami Bomb is...
Agent M 23, Vocalist
Dominic 26, Bass
Mike 26, Guitar
Gabriel 26, Drums

LocalZine: Where’d you get the name, Tsunami bomb?
TB: Dominic thought it up when he was first coming up with the idea for the band. He was trying to come up with something that sounded different from anything else out there. Something that sounded like a experimental weapon or something. Plus he was an Anime fan. We were Tsunami Bomb, before we were even a band!

LocalZine: Have any of you ever been in other bands? Which ones?
TB: We have all been in other bands, but none that are really worth mentioning. Each of us have done local bands but Tsunami Bomb is the first nationally touring band that anyone would have heard of. Thats pretty much how we first came together though, all of us were in different bands that played together in the North Bay Area a lot, and we just all came together.

LocalZine: What’s spinnin in yer cd player right now?
TB: We all listen to so many different things, but when we are together in the van we listen to a lot of Alkaline Trio, Hot Water Music, Thrice, RX Bandits, Green Day, Rancid, and The Living End. Even that changes a lot though. When Mike and Gabe run the van CD player, you never know what is going to be on.

LocalZine: What are 5 bands you dislike?
TB: We don't dislike anyone....we love everyone. We are all hippies. Peace and love yo! Serioiusly, we have a problem with anything forced and lame. Anything that doesn't ring true...anything that isn't honest. Hard to explain, but obvious when you see it. There are no particular bands that we have a problem with.

LocalZine: What’s the hippest show you ever played?
TB: There has been so many amazing shows. That is so hard to answer. However if we had to pick one, we would have to say the show we headlined recently at The Glass House in Pomona CA. It was our first headlining show in Southern California and it sold out completely! Over 900 people came. It was an amazing experience. Absolutely overwelming in a great way.

LocalZine: After a show, what can you be found doing?
TB: Recovering! Usually we are pretty wrecked, so it would be nice if we had time to cool off, but mostly we get right to work. We make sure our equipment is taken care of, and that the merch table is up and running. After all that, then all of us generally make our way by our merch table to talk to people. We always do that. So if you are at one of our shows, look for us at our table after we play. Thats where we go.

LocalZine: What kind and what color of underwear are you wearing right now?
TB: The only kind we all wear! The sexy kind of course. Aww yeah.

LocalZine: What can we expect from your new release coming up?
TB: We REALLY excited about it. We have some big news about the CD, that if all goes well, we will be announcing soon. It will be our first full length, so there will be more songs then we have ever released at one time before. The music is WAY more aggressive and dynamic then it has ever been. More mature songwriting in general. Its going to be way over the top of anything we have done before. We can't wait for you all to see it.

LocalZine: Any guilty pleasures?]
TB: Tons. Quite scandalous ones too.

LocalZine: Are there any not recognized bands you can suggest to me or the readers?
TB: There are a lot of them! It depends on your personal taste of course but among many others, we really recommend bands like THRICE, FAIRVIEW, RX BANDITS, COUNTERFIT, THE DISTILLERS, MY NEW LIFE, THE EYELINERS, THE EXIT, and a bunch others that are not coming to mind fast enough. Check out our links page on our site. Thats a good hint.

LocalZine: Who would you love to play with (dead or alive) and why?
TB: Every single one of us could come up with a different answer to this question, BUT I am sure we could all agree that a band that we would really love to play with that we haven't yet is GREEN DAY. Just cause they are amazing and it would be a lot of fun.

LocalZine: And the most important question of them all….
Who’s the pimpest mofo in all the land?
TB: You have to ask? SHAFT! Right? .....Right?

Visit the Tsunami Bomb website at TsunamiBomb.com

*Interviewed by Mel-o-dy