Localzine: Who is everyone, how old are they, and what do they play?
Matt: Justin Sansouci: age 20, bass and back-up vox, Matt Whalen: age 19, drums and such, Shawn Harris: age 20, lead vox and rhythm guitar, Jon Devoto: age 16, lead guitar and back-up vox

Localzine: Who are some of your influences?
Matt: Each member of our band has a wide variety of influences, but as a band some of our influences include Green Day, Rancid, Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, Sublime, and way too many more to mention. Basically we like bands that write great songs.

Localzine: What is your favorite place to play?
Matt: I know that we all love to play at iMusicast (since we put on our own L3 show series there), the Great American Music Hall, and the Grange Hall in Danville.

Localzine: If you could play with any band(s), past or present, who would they be?
Matt: That is a tough question to answer concisely. I'll just name a few: Green Day, The Hives, Iggy Pop, Ben Folds Five, Rancid, Nirvana, Soundgarden, At The Drive-In, Link 80 (and we got to play with them!), Led Zepplin, Flogging Molly, Foo Fighters, the list could go on forever.

Localzine: Whats in yo cd playa right now?
Matt: This really awesome band from Austin, Texas called Spoon (they're on Merge Records.) Check 'em out!

Localzine: Name 5 things you MUST bring on tour?
Matt: Clean clothes, water, CD's, a book, candy.

Localzine: What can we expect from the next album?
Matt: You can expect to be suprised and to like it a whole lot. We have worked incredibly hard on our new CD. We are very proud of it.

Localzine: Will you be touring any time soon, if so, where?

Matt: We hope so. We want to go everywhere!

Localzine: What is your opinion on the East Bay music scene?
Matt: The East Bay all ages scene has been growing a lot over the past couple of years. There are a lot of great East Bay bands out there. We hope it gets bigger and better!

Localzine: You guys are very good live, you have a devoted fanbase, what is your favorite thing about playing live shows?
Matt: Speaking for myself, my favorite thing about playing live is seeing how the audience reacts and how we as a band interact with each other. I love the energy and intensity that comes with playing live.

Localzine: Boxers or briefs?
Matt: Boxers for me. Not sure about the other guys.

Localzine: Any guilty pleasures?
Matt: Hmmm...I can't divulge.

Localzine: What can you kids be found doing after a show?
Matt: Sweating profusely. Oh, and usually hanging out with friends.

Localzine: Favorite color?
Matt: Blue.

Localzine: Favorite food?
Matt: Pasta.

Localzine: Most important question of all time! Who is the pimpest muthafucka in all the land?
Matt: The pimpest mofo in all the land is Jon. Hehe.

Interviewed "xMarilyNx"

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