TheLocalZine: Who is everyone, how old are they, and what do they jam with?
Never Say Forever: John- Premier squier
Rob- Mexican Statocaster
Jay- Fender P-bass
Felix- he's NYU taking finals so im not sure what drums he has, tama i think

TheLocalZine: Where is the band from?
Never Say Forever: Levittown, NY

TheLocalZine: How long ya`ll been together?
Never Say Forever: We've been playing together since about July. Jay and Rob were replacements for former members of the band. its a long story lol

TheLocalZine: So, I hear you`ve had some lineup changes, why the change?
Never Say Forever: Well there was a division in the band in reguards to what direction we wanted to go. The members that were replaced by Rob and Jay had a different vision for the band. So i thought it would be best to let them continue their vision in another band.

TheLocalZine: How do you think the band has grown since the changes in lineup? Would you say it is for the better?
Never Say Forever: In my opinion a band is only as good as the chemistry between the members. I think the changes have made this band better then it could have ever been with the other members. Rob and Jay get more talented day by day. I would say that the lineup change was the best decision i've ever made.

TheLocalZine: I heard some of your demo, and its pretty fuckin dope, yo. When do you plan on releasing more material?
Never Say Forever: Thank you. (smiles) We will be in the studio recording new versions of the songs on as well as new songs that i think everyone will like over December break. We should have a new 6 or 7 song demo out by early january.

TheLocalZine: What can we expect from your upcoming release?
Never Say Forever: Better quailty for one thing. Several of the songs you hear on such as "my revenge" and "when im gone" lack in quality due to the time constraints when we were in the studio. Those two songs were written, produced, and recorded all in 16 days. So we're gonna take our time with this new demo. There will be 2 new songs as well as updated versions of all the songs.

TheLocalZine: Whats your favorite part of playing shows?
Never Say Forever: Just the show itself. Theres nothing like having a bunch of people you hardly know singing your lyrics. Its definately one of the high points of being in a band. The rush you get before you start the first song.... its amazing

TheLocalZine: Whats your music scene like?
Never Say Forever: Its very good for our music genre. Bands like the movielife, taking back sunday and brand new come from long island so basically everyone in the scene is into our type of music. It helps because you walk up to someone and say heres my bands demo they sound like brand new, you know they'll give it a listen.

TheLocalZine: If you could change anything about it, what would it be?
Never Say Forever: More Venues. Thats a problem around here. That and when you do book a show the admission price is usually pretty high. I was at a show last weekend that was in the basement of an Animal Shelter. It was an amazing show, the High School Football Heroes are probably the most energetic band on Long Island, but its just sad it has to come to that.

TheLocalZine: Who are some of your favorite bands?

Never Say Forever: Brand New, Rufio, New Found Glory, Taking Back Sunday, Finch, The Starting Line, Fenix TX, Dashboard Confessional, Further Seems Forever, Draining Thought, High School Football Heroes, Thursday, The Used to name a few

TheLocalZine: Whats in yo CD playa right now?
Never Say Forever: Brand New, High school football Heroes, Eminem, Mudvayne, Smashing Pumpkins (a wide variety to be sure)

TheLocalZine: Last CD you bought?
Never Say Forever: Im pretty sure it was either The Used or the new Glassjaw

TheLocalZine: Worst band of all time, be honest?
Never Say Forever: Kelly Osbourne... the girl shouldnt even be let near anything musical..her or Spulge

TheLocalZine: If you could have 3 wishes what would they be?
Never Say Forever: 1) To be bigger than the beatles
2) Never have to worry about money
3) lots of girls

TheLocalZine: Boxers or briefs?
Never Say Forever: Boxers

TheLocalZine: Favorite place to play a show? Why?
Never Say Forever: Backstreet Blues. We usually play our best shows there Im not sure why.

TheLocalZine: Worst show you`ve ever played?
Never Say Forever: This place called patty and johnny's in Merrick i think.... there was a lot of creepy folk in that place and it was very very dark.

TheLocalZine: Best show you`ve ever attended?
Never Say Forever: Rufio in Irving Plaza, NY June 6th i think

TheLocalZine: Any bands you want to plug that you don`t think get enough reconigition?
Never Say Forever: Draining Thought, High School Football Heroes, The Levittown Project, and The Leap Year

TheLocalZine: Anything else you want to add?
Never Say Forever: Just wanna let everyone know to check us out at and let us know what they think about the music

TheLocalZine: Last and most important question... Who is the pimpest muthafucka of all time?
Never Say Forever: you jen :)

Jen aka "xMarilyNx"

All pictures by Never Say Forever

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