Localzine: Who is everyone, how old are they, and what do they play?

Katie: I'm 22 and i play guitar and sing. Jesse is 24 and plays bass and sings. Anna is 22 and plays drums.

Localzine: How do you like touring? I know you guys have been out a lot, what do you miss most about being at home?

Katie: I love touring. Let me give you an example o f why...When I'm at home I think about stuff like this "Hmmmm I wonder show many shifts I have at work this week? Did I pay the phone/hydro bill?" On tour I think about stuff like this "Hmmmm should I bother sleeping today? What mix tape should we listen to next? Should I buy bbq chips or salt and vinegar?" See what I mean?

Localzine: Who are some of your influences?

Katie: The B52's, Bjork/The Sugarcubes, The Slits, Neko Case, and The Make-up. I'm also super influenced by the local scene too. Bands Like: The Red Light Sting, Three Inches of Blood, The Organ, Radio Berlin, and The Accident.

Localzine: What is your favorite place to play a show?

Katie: Everytime we come down to California we have a rad time. Either in Arcata or in the Bay Area. We have a super good time hanging out with everybody down there.

Localzine: I saw you guys at Gilman about a month a ago and you guys put on a great live show, what is your favortite thing about playing live?

Katie: Getting my rocks off. I'm always super nervous before we play but as soon as we play the first note I get totally pumped and forget all about being nervous and worrying about if I'm gonna screw up or not.

Localzine: What can we expect from the new album?

Katie: You can expect beautiful fake Hawaiian cover art and punk rock songs. Lots of vocal trade offs between Jesse and I.....and maybe, if you pay real close attention, you'll hear a secret remix track.

Localzine: Where do you plan on touring next? Coming back to the Bay Area any time soon?

Katie: We just got pack from a tour with our other label mates The Smugglers, The New Town Animals, and the Mark Kliener Power Trio. On the 12th we leave to go across Canada for a month with our friends the Spinoffs. We'll be back in the Bay Area in the Spring.

Localzine: Whats playin in yo cd playa right now Katie: I'm currently in the middle of making masses of tapes for tour. I just taped the Organ, Blondie, and Blonde Redhead.

Localzine: Are there any bands you would recommend to us that you dont think get enough reconignition?So many great bands! The Frenetics, The Accident, TheOrgan, Radio Berlin (lots and lots of local Vancouver bands). The Vancouver scene it HOTTT!

Localzine: What do you guys think of the indie/punk scene these days? Katie: Well I can't speak for the punk scene everywhere but the one in Vancouver rules. There are so many good bands here.....The Red Light Sting, Radio Berlin, The Organ, The Witness Protection Program, The Accident, The Hoodwinks, The Ewoks, A Luna Red, The Spinoffs...the beat goes on.

Localzine: Who are your favorite bands?

(I'm skipping this one cuz it's the same as my ifluences okay?)

Localzine: Least favorite bands?

Anything from the Neo-Grunge movement: Creed, Nickelback, etc.

Localzine: What can you be found doing after a show?

Katie: Eating, drinking water, reapplying deodorant.

Localzine: Favorite food?

Katie: Bananas, Maple Syrup, and Coconut (and what a tasty combo they make mixed together!)

Localzine: If you could play with any band(s), past or present, who would it/they be?

Katie: How bout The Sugarcubes, the Slits, and Operation Makeout.

Localzine: Last and final question! Who is the pimpest muthafucka in all and?

Katie: Since this is a bay area zine I have to say our friend Christupher Taylor from Sharp Knife and Diaries. He's always helped us out when we come to the bay area but now he's moving to Bloomington, Indiana. No worries cuz he'll be just as pimpin' in Indiana as he was in SF. That boy can cook too!