February 12, 2003
.hopesfall., Onelinedrawing, Coheed and Cambria
Bottom of the Hill, S.F.
OK, so I figured this show wouldn't sell out...so i thought...So the day of the show i figured i would get there early, buy some tickets, hang out in the city for a while, and everything would be ok, right? wrong! I woke up the morning of the show just to find out it was sold out. Yeah i was pissed. So the day goes by, and I sit around pouting and thinking,"How the fuck could a Coheed and Cambria show sell out?". Well around 8:30 my friend calls me up and says "Fuck it, lets go anways!", so we headed up to the city... When we arrived, we could hear .hopesfall. playing inside, and it was a painful experience hearing one of your favorite bands from OUTSIDE the venue. So .hopesfall.'s set ends and we begin to lose hope. The lead singer of Coheed and Cambria walked walk by us outside and I asked him to dedicate a song to the people outside, he shook my hand and said "sure thing bro." So shortly before Onelinedrawing's set, the bouncer walks outside and asks me for a quarter, so my friend Ben gives him one and he asks "heads or tails" so we pick heads, and sure enough it was heads! so not only did he let us in, he let about all 12 of us waiting outside in! What a great man! Right when we got inside Onelinedrawing (member from New End Original) had just started his set. I guess you could compare him to Dashboard but with an electric guitar and a cool R2-D2 toy that his guitar plugs into. His set was pretty long and emo-ish, but he was a very funny guy. He would stop randomly in the middle of his songs to tell a joke or to talk to someone in the crowd. But all around he was a very talented musician and i totally dig his vibe. About 40 minuted later (whiched seemed like 4 hours since I was fieining to watch Coheed) his set ended, and it was time for coheed. My friend said i was in for a treat, and that i was. Coheed and Cambria had tons of energy, excitment, random jams and told some jokes as well. They played pretty much every song from the album, including 2 brand new tracks which were supremely sweet, can't wait for a new album. They even busted out with an Iron Maiden cover which blew my mind away. The lead singer, who has the biggest hair I've ever seen (check out the pictures section), was amazing at guitar doing the Iron Maiden cover flawless, even playing solos with his teeth! So in the end i am very glad we decided to go, i guess when there's a will there's a way. Too bad i missed .hopesfall., but they are coming back in April with Every Time I Die and The Beautiful Mistake, so be sure to check that out. And everyone better see Coheed the next time around! A good time for sure! Well thats all for now, Peace and Rock!