August 15, 2003
Vacuum Tree Head
Foothill Campus, Los Altos Hills

Vacuum Tree Head After I picked up a friend in Campbell, I was running a little late to this and I didnít want to miss it, because it was my coworkerís band who was performing. We arrived a little after 8:30, but could not figure out where the damn place was. We ended up parking really close by luck and got out of the car and listened for it. As they have 6 members (at the moment, the lineup is always changing) theyíre pretty damn loud, so we just followed the sound up one of the foothills and went it. the band consists of a dummer, a bassist, 3 guitarists, a flute player and another person on bongos who is the main singer/screamer. A few of the members play multiple instruments. One of the guitarists plays keyboard, xylophone, sings during some songs into a loudspeaker, and sort of conducts the band. All the members have amazing talent individual and all together, their music is a riot to your ears. Iím not sure exactly how to describe their music Ė most songs donít really consist of all that many words and when they do, itís usually screaming, some songs have up to 4 members singing. One of the songs has singing in another language, like Chinese or something, I donít know Iíd have to check into it, but itís totally aweome. It was refreshing to listen to them because they are so different than almost anything Iíve heard before. All the members are really into it during the entire set, which was about an hour long. Itís amazing how much energy that put forth, it really gets you into their music. I give this show a 5 out of 5 stars, for a totally rockin time and definitely go see one of their shows when you get the chance.

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