August 24, 2002
My New Life, Dexter Danger, Moodfrye, and Tragedy Andy
The Vibe, Foster City

First off, we want to say that the people running the show seemed as if they were not familiar with the process of running a successful show. They neglected to inform the bands that a PA would not be provided, leaving all the bands in a frenzy to find one last minute. Then had the audacity to say that the first band, My New Life might not be able to perform. Thanks to quick thinking and dedication on moodfryeís part they went above and beyond and provided a PA, so the show was able to go on almost an hour late.

Now for "Marilyn" and Mel-O-dyís rant on common courtesy: The ambiance at this establishment was exceptionally unfriendly. The people who ran the show were ďrock star assholes.Ē For example, not letting people going in to go to the bathroom just ten minutes before the show started, charging people to bring outside food in: $1 per person, (which wasnít a posted rule and anyways, what are they going to do with that money?) and the crowd also had an aura of superiority.

Now weíll talk about the few good things: $3 to get in is a definite plus, large space and couches and other seating, clean bathrooms, and the whole place was pretty clean although these pluses donít always equal an ideal show setting.

My New Life: we donít think they played as well tonight as they did last night, probably considering everyone was really tired from previous nights and previous shows, but the show was really energetic and we thought that Timís vocals were exceptionally good tonight. The band basically seemed to be on target with their set, all things considered. They only got to play a short set (around 8 songs) due the unorganized people running it. Their set was pretty basic, most songs they usually play live. Brandon song ďagainĒ sounded very well and drummer, Steven, (looking as though he might pass out from heat exhaustion) was spiffy on his drums.

Dexter Dangerhit the stage second, luckily Aymen didnít! We would like to congratulate him on not falling over as he did last night at the Chemical Free Zone. They had a decent sized set playing most songs they normally do. Everything seemed to be very clean; Aymen had superb energy as he always does, dancing around the stage and keeping the crowd entertained. The whole band had a good vibe tonight considering they played a show a few hours earlier in San Francisco. They didnít deliver anything super out-of-the ordinary, but thatís not always a bad thing.

Moodfrye was surprisingly not headlining, but not to say they didnít do a fantastic job. Every time we see this band, we are left pretty amazed by the quality of show they put on. If there was a formula to playing a good live show, they have it down. The whole band seemed to be really in sync with their motions and they are one of the few bands that successfully grow in their music. (Comparing their new cd to their old one) so overall they played a very decent show.

Tragedy Andy is not one of our favorite bands. We think it is safe to say that everyone was a bit annoyed with them repeatedly asking for the PA to be turned up. Honestly we did not watch most of the set but it didnít seem to be anything out of the ordinary. We thought they sucked.

This was a public service announcement brought to you by the letters M and M. Had this have been a real emergency directions would have followed.

Thank you

Mel-O-dy and "Marilyn"