December 15, 2001
Muckruckers, Sidekick(s), Slip 2 Save u, and Stunt Monkey
Mitchell Park Community Center, Palo Alto

Not too many people showed up to this one, but it was an awesome show. The Sidekick(s) and Slip 2 Save U both played acoustic sets. The Sidekick(s) took the stage first, but Max (lead guitarist/vocals) was the only one there, the rest of the members were studying for finals. Even though he played acoustic, he still rocked with lots of energy and even proceeded to break (?) his guitar. So get your ass out to the next Sidekicks’ show because they’ll rock your socks. Next up was Slip 2 Save U. It was their CD split release with (which is only 3 bucks so get off your ass and go get it!) it’s got 8 songs from each band and it’s cheap, what more could you want?? Next up was the Muckruckers, which I must say, have improved a lot with their ‘break’ of almost a month. They played a full set with some new songs and a cover of ‘poor and weird’ by The Briefs. Stunt Monkey was on last and they played a full set of poppy punk and threw out cupcakes and candy packs. It almost seemed as if feeding the audience with these ‘sugar pills’ was more predominant than gaining acceptance through their musical talent. In the words of the wise Eric: ‘I guess that’s cool… that is, if you’re into that sort of thing..’ All in all, the show was a good one and y’all should come out to the outhouse or Mitchell park again and support Grand Fanali Presents. Well kids.. I’m off.

Dookie, Mel-O-dy