Mar. 20, 2002
Sean Na Na, The Influents, and The Simple Things
Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco, CA

Wednesday Night Indie rock at the Bottom Of The Hill. The Simple Things opened up, they were actually really good, a solid opening act and a perfect fit for this show. They had some very good guitar and bass and the vocals were solid. Their music was nothing amazing innovative but their straight ahead rock was great to warm up the stage. Playing next was The Influents from the East Bay. These guys are an amazing band from Adeline Records, their debut CD "Check Please" is a must listen so if you haven't heard it go get it. They played plenty of the songs off of "Check Please" as well as four or five new numbers that were all great, their next album should be another hit. Headlinging the show was Sean Na Na from Minneapolis. Sean Na Na is a guy who looks like a short Ron Jeremy, he plays indie rock. Normally Paddy from Dillinger Four plays bass for him but he was not present tonight which was quite dissapointing. Anyway Sean Na Na was alright, pretty talented. I enjoyed the Influents so much that they were hard to follow. All around though this was a good show to warm me up for the weekend. Go check out the Influents at