October 31, 2002
Inverness, Muckruckers, My New Life, Dexter Danger
Super fun Halloween show! 955 Yosemite Dr. Pacifica, CA 6pm FREE!

I was really excited and looking foward to this show so I guess it must have been myself working it up, but overall I was realitevly disappointed. Katy and I dressed up as Muckruckers (ie: white button down shirts, balck ties, and black pants) it was simple and definetly something I can wear more then once. Aymen held a best costume competition and the winner won Dexter Danger cd`s, patches, and what not. Aiden and Danielle won. Aiden dressed as the riddler and Danielle was Sally from um... Nightmare before Christmas. I thought Aiden should have won for sure cause his costume fucking rocked my argyle socks off. But by far the best costume of the night went to Kristine (DD merch girl) she dressed as poison ivy (which she told me about beforehand but I didn`t quite know how she would pull it off) but let me tell you... This girl looked AWESOME! I didn`t even reconize her until she said "Jen!" and I was just in awe. (I should have a picture coming later) So now to the band performances...
I arrived late to see Inverness and from what I saw I liked them a lot. They have improved a great deal over the last year and the kids sure do seem to like them. Although, they do a cover (I can`t recall the song) that I wasn`t pleased with and kids I was hanging out with agreed. But of course, this isn`t to take away from their other songs, which are good. They sing a song about Lake Barryessa (I`m not sure of the spelling, I`ve never been there) and I beleive they closed with that song, which was a crowd pleaser and got peoples feet moving. So overall for Inverness` performance I would say they were suffient and average. But without a doubt, they have improved all around as muscians, live show, everything in the past year. Rock on!
Next up were The Muckruckers since I missed most of them last week at The Outhouse I was stoked to see them again (and not be late). Something I admire about these guys is how they care weather of not their instruments are in or out of tune. You will always find them retuning after a song (and sometimes during a song) so they don`t go the whole show out of tune. Before I forget, I have to commend Doug on his costume! I don`t think I asked what he was, he wore a mask, tore his shirt up, had white and fake blood paint all over of him. He looked scary and it proved to be a success. Next year I think Jon might wanna rethink the Hershey kiss hat thing, I heard some rather amusing jokes that I would rather not repeat. They played two songs off of Break the Microwave and Osama off of Sporting Life. I was sad that Nick broke a string, one he needs to play the solo on LACB but reguardless of that, the song rocked. A new song they have, My Girlfriends a Clone was amazing. The band plays with such energy and I can`t wait for the EP to come out. One rant I have is the crowd. It was as if they were all dead! There were a few of us in the front dancing and having a good time, but I think what Zach said about Pacifica kids not being able to dance is rather true, or maybe they can dance but they juat don`t know how to have fun. Everyone seemed to be emotionless and not trying to have a good time. I think I have said this before but I want to reiterate. The vibe of the new band is just amazing. Everyone seems to be having so much fun and enjoying themselves a lot more. I hope this new vibe will stick. But overall, their performance, being as good as it was, wasn`t as good as I know they can produce. So theres always next time.
My New Life was up next. I always enjoy seeing them live but I think the crowd just plain killed it tonight. The band seemed to be enjoying themselves but it seemed as if they weren`t having as much fun as they could have been. The crowd is also to blame for a "non rock out session" everyone just stood there. There were a suprising amount of people there, but everyone took to their own conversations instead of what they were there to do, see bands play. MNL`s set was rather short tonight. They played all the good ones including Broken Heart in Hand, Loser, and all the good ones. I guess I might just be spoiled due to how many times I have seem them play remarkable shows that when a show is average I am slightly disappointed. I think it might just be that the kids weren`t into it tonight. I appreciated how much people got into the Halloween spirit and dressed up. Timmy was a "hick" and he did a damn good job at it. Steven was... I`m not sure... We`ll just pretend he dressed up as Steven from My New Life! Brandon was a race car driver, which I commend him for wearing as long as he did cause he must have been hot hot hot in that thing! So overall I think that had the crowd had given a little more, we all would have had a lot more fun. Oh well.. again.. always next time!
Dexter Danger closed the show. I didn`t stay for all of them cause Danny, Katy, and I went to get some grub at Denny`s. We watched the first couple songs and they rocked my socks off as well. I was sad to see a lot of people left after My New Life. I guess being as most of the kids are in High School and it was a school night they probably had curfews. DD was the best dressed band there, by far. Aymen was Robin, Shawn was another character from Batman (I`ve only seen Batman once so I don`t know who everyone is).. Now thinking back on it.. All of DD dressed up as Batman characters. Rock!! If I could give them a prize, I would. I can`t really make a judgement on them because I didn`t watch enough, but they rocked!! Yay!
The show was good, but I was looking foward to it too much which is why I think I was disappointed. The crowd was just plain lame tonight, but I do have to hand it to about 10 people who did want to have a good time and showed it. So to the kids who know how to have fun, you guys rock. Oh well. Happy Halloween everyone.
aka "xMarilyNx"