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[08.15.03 - Vacuum Tree Head @ Footfill College, Los Altos Hills]
[07.14.2003- Scarlet, Remembering Never, and Evergreen Terrace@ Jim Dandy`s, Salinas]
[03.08.03-||Muckruckers CD Release Party|| Joys Panic, Army of Freshmen, Never Heard of It, Dexter Danger, and The Muckruckers@ Mitchell Park Community, Palo Alto]
[02.12.03-.hopesfall., Onelinedrawing, Coheed and Cambria@ Bottom Of the Hill, SF]
[01.18.03-The Sidekicks and My New Life @ The Basement, Santa Clara]
[01.16.03-New Transit Direction, The Blood Brothers, and TAKING BACK SUNDAY @ The Boardwalk, Sacramento]
[01.15.03-New Transit Direction, The Blood Brothers, and TAKING BACK SUNDAY @ The Slims, SF]
[12.28.02-Red Asphalt, Rapscallions, Gametime, and Richard Snakedick @ The Outhouse, Los Gatos]
[12.20.02-Moodfrye, Up Syndrome, Stunt Monkey and Pulley @ The Outhouse, Los Gatos]
[12.20.02-Eskapo and The Cost @ Gilman, Berkeley]
[12.14.02-Rapscallions, Fairview, Ultimate Fakebook, and Nerf Herder @ The Gallery, San Jose]
[12.07.02-Last Best Hope, The Muckruckers, Tragedy Andy, and Desa @ The Vibe, Foster City]
[11.30.02-All Bets Off and In Control @ Gilman, Berkeley]
[11.23.02-Joys Panic, The Muckruckers, and Short Round @ Cafe Eclectica , Albany]
[11.21.02-TAKING BACK SUNDAY!, The Used, H20, and Boxcar Racer @ The Warfield, SF]
[10.31.02-Inverness, Muckruckers, My New Life, Dexter Danger @ The Club, Pacifica]
[10.26.02-Fighting Riley, Charmless, Art of Arrows, My New Life, Dexter Danger @ Mitchell Park Community Center, Palo Alto]
[10.25.02-Muckruckers, Phenomenauts, The Flipsides, and Stunt Monkey @ The outhouse, Los Gatos]
[10.19.02-My New Life, Four Minute Mile, and Riddled With Guilt @ Cafe Eclectica, Albany]
[10.12.02-Muckruckers, Wit's End, Fenway Park, Willknots, Phenomenatus, & The Locals @ iMusicast, Oakland]
[10.11.02-INFM, My New Life, and HBA @ Santa Clara YMCA, Santa Clara]
[09.29.02-The Cost @ Gilman St., Berkeley]
[08.30.02-Slept Through High school, The Muckruckers, Solemite, The Locals, Stunt Monkey, and Dexter Danger @ The Club, Pacifica]
[08.24.02-My New Life, Dexter Danger, Moodfrye, and Tragedy Andy @ The Vibe, Foster City]
[08.24.02-Stop, Drop and Rock 2002 @ The Gaslighter, Campbell]
[08.10.02-Dillinger Four, Lawerence Arms, & Toys That Kill @ Gilman St., Berkeley]
[03.20.02-Sean Na Na, The Influents, and The Simple Things @ Bottom of the Hill, SF]
[01.21.02-Wesley Willis, Grand Buffet, Custom On It, The Rapscallionz @ The Outhouse, Los Gatos]
[01.19.02-The Huxtables, The Fairlanes (CO), Dexter Danger, The Assicles @ Mitchell Park, Palo Alto]
[01.03.02-The Poolmen and Inverness @ Zappuchino's, San Mateo]
[12.15.01-Muckruckers, Sidekick(s), Slip 2 Save u, and Stunt Monkey @ Mitchell Park, Palo Alto]
[12.08.01-Thrasher Skater Of The Year Party||The Briefs, The Nerve Agents, and F-Minus @ The Fillmore, SF]